Volkswagen’s new concept car has no steering wheel or pedals

Volkswagen has kicked off its presence at this year’s Geneva Motor Show with an electric, self-driving vehicle that’s more like a lounge on wheels than an actual car. The atrociously named I.D. Vizzion has 665 kilometers (413 miles) of range and an incredibly sparse interior — think Tesla Model 3 but without a steering wheel… Read More »

oogle just gave everyone a great reason to use iMessage apps

Multi-taskers, rejoice:  Google just made it a lot easier to search while texting with friends. The company just introduced an update that adds an iMessage extension to Google’s iOS app. This means you can search and share results without ever having to leave your current thread. SEE ALSO: Google’s new AI can predict heart disease… Read More »

Rimac’s new supercar goes from 0-60 mph in an insane 1.85 seconds

Remember Rimac Automobili’s Concept_One, the electric supercar with 1,224 horsepower? The car that regularly leaves Lamborghinis, Ferraris, and the like in the dust? The car that The Grand Tour‘s Richard Hammond crashed, arguably because it’s just so damned fast? Well, Rimac’s new car, unveiled ahead of the Geneva Motor Show, makes the Concept One look… Read More »

Comcast is increasing Xfinity internet speeds in the northeast

If you have Comcast, fasten your seatbelt. Comcast has announced that it’s rolling out higher internet speed to many of its customers in the northeast. Four of the company’s seven internet tiers will see speed increases: Performance, Performance Starter, Performance Pro, and Blast. SEE ALSO: Why cord-cutters should (kind of) be excited about Comcast’s new… Read More »